About us

A Christian based apparel and footwear line dedicated to spreading love through Faith and Fashion.

What Does “Dope Black” mean?

Dope Black is an acronym that stands for Do Pray Everyday Be Loyal And Create Kings. Our mission is to help spread Love, Faith and God’s word through fashion. We have different collections by several designers that we will be releasing over the next few months. The first two will be “The Huny Collection” and “The King Collection

About the Owner

Short Bio

LaTasha ‘T-Huny” Williamson is the owner of Dope Black Fashion and main designer of the Dope Black Fashion Line. T-Huny has learned how to extend her creativity as a music artist and bring it into the world of design. A lot of her work is based off of mood, emotions and the environment in which she is being creative. T-Huny has 4 beautiful children in which the two oldest are developing their own designs for the Dope Black Fashion line. She also has a degree in Criminal Justice and she runs a StarMusicRadio.com

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